FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are BJ’s PJ’s only for larger fuller busts?
A: No, our garments are for all shapes and sizes, just choose the style that is more compatible with your body shape i.e. Our Bettina Short Sleeve T-shirt is designed as a slim fit t-shirt for larger breasts and a broader back….
Our Christine Short Sleeve T-shirt is a slim fit with no wire-free breast support for our slighter built ladies
Q:  Where does your fabric come from?
A:  Our premium quality Australian made organic cotton fabric is produced in Melbourne from the finest crops in the most sustainable way possible. Read more about organic cotton here
Q:   What is ‘ethical fashion’ and where are your garments manufactured?
A:   Ethical fashion manufacturing means we aim to reduce the negative impact on the planet and all of its inhabitants. Producing an item of ethical clothing involves everything from design, labour, materials, transport, shipping etc. Ethical fashion is kind to the planet and people every step of the way, from seed to garment.
We ensure that our workers are valued and working in a good healthy environment, we prioritise safety, and fair compensation of the workforce.
All of our garments are made in Sydney where I oversee all of the processes and ensure quality and sustainability practices are adhered to.
Q:   How can your garments be supportive without underwire?
A:   It’s all about our premium organic cotton fabric and soft brushed strip off elastane that provides support without the clips, clasps, poking and pinching. You also get support and discretion from the double layer of fabric that is in the top section of each garment.
AND, the adjustable straps in the cami styles allow for extra ‘lift’ should you wish, our T-shirt and T-shirt dress offer support across the shoulders for our more voluptuous ladies so you don’t get any nasty digging in from narrow straps or shoulder and neck pain.
Q:  Cotton manufacturing requires a lot of water - is it really sustainable??
A:  Organic cotton uses 91 per cent less water than regular cotton and it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions…. In a nutshell, there are fewer emissions, big reduction of toxic herbicides and pesticides, less waste and water usage, smaller impact and we are all about supporting local economy and reducing carbon emissions, it travels a shorter distance so has a smaller carbon footprint.
Organic cotton is not only softer on your skin, but it has huge positive environmental impacts too.
Without the use of pesticides, beneficial insects remain in the ecosystem, biodiversity is conserved, soil has higher organic matter content which prevents soil erosion, and any water run-off is safe from chemicals which protects surrounding plants, waterways and therefore anyone who uses that water. It is also safer for the farmers, who are not breathing in or digesting harmful pesticides and herbicides.
Organic cotton provides high quality products that are soft and breathable - much kinder to the skin.
Organic cotton is a more positive and sustainable alternative. It is made from non-genetically modified plants that are grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides. This makes it better for the environment, the climate and the health of the people involved.
Please contact me for any further information: hello@bjspjs.com.au