BJ’s PJ’s Sizing Chart

OK, so every body is different, we have tried to accommodate all shapes and sizes using 4-way stretch, premium quality cotton with elastane for comfort and endurance - so it springs back into shape and gives you the support and confidence where you need it!

This is a guideline only, please contact us for more information.

We have tried to be true to size and realistic with our guidelines. We suggest if you prefer a tighter fit, go one size smaller than you usually would and if you are a little more on the voluptuous side we suggest to go with your usual size …… however ‘usual’ varies from brand to brand so if you are unsure, send us an enquiry and we will be happy to help.

**NOTE: Our Bettina Pyjama T-Shirt is designed for fuller figures, for our larger breasted and voluptuous ladies - if you prefer a firmer fit please select a size smaller than your usual size. 

Our mens pants are on the larger size, we want you to enjoy the comfort of loungewear and pyjamas, even though you can wear them just about anywhere! We have allowed for the muscles and bulk of today's gym junkie but also provided a stove-pipe leg for the modern manish style of 2020 - you're welcome!