PRESS RELEASE: BJ’s PJs Announces New My Offer® Feature, Empowering Shoppers With Unique Customizations While Reducing Waste

PRESS RELEASE: BJ’s PJs Announces New My Offer® Feature, Empowering Shoppers With Unique Customizations While Reducing Waste

BJ’s PJs proudly integrates the My Offer feature to further its mission

to pave the way for more ethical practices,

slow fashion, and sustainability within the industry

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) October 24th, 2023

BJ’s PJs, the multi-award-winning ethical fashion brand, is proud to announce a new My Offer®  feature, highlighting the benefits of modern technology within the fashion industry. Strategically designed to streamline the customer experience and reduce the number of abandoned carts for e-commerce businesses, My Offer has been integrated as a new, innovative feature for BJ’s PJs that will allow customers the ability to customize their orders to their specific needs and preferences.

By leveraging My Offer, customers can select items that may or may not be on sale, negotiate a discreet and exclusive offer and checkout without being forced to wait for a sale ever again.

BJ's PJs Collaborates with My Offer App

“We are thrilled to offer our customers the My Offer feature,” said Belinda Jane (aka BJ), the founder, designer, and owner of BJ’s PJs. “Our brand has always been committed to ethical and sustainable fashion, and this feature is another way we are working to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the industry – who doesn’t love an exclusive offer.”

BJ’s PJs has already gained recognition for its ethical practices, sustainability efforts, and the future of slow fashion. The brand has won multiple awards, including:

  • Australian Small Business Awards 2023: Finalist 
  • Australian Small Business Awards. 2022: Finalist
  • Australian Women’s Small Business Awards. 2022: Finalist
  • Clean + Conscious Awards 2022 – BJ’s PJs and Baby Origami Double Wrap™ (Finalist).
  • Acquisition International – Winner of the Most Influential Business Women of the Year Award
  • “Most Passionate Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur 2022 (Australia)”
  • And many more.

By incorporating My Offer into their business model, BJ’s PJ’s is leading the way for the future of the fashion industry, both in fashion design, manufacturing, and technology.

“We believe that modern technology can be a powerful tool for promoting sustainability and reducing waste in the fashion industry,” said Belinda Jane. “My Offer is just one example of how technology can be used to empower customers to make sustainable choices, create more awareness in the fashion industry of how evolving technologies can support digital transformation initiatives that result in streamlining of the supply chain and lead to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

BJ’s PJs invites customers to experience the benefits of its unique versatile sustainable garments and encourages shoppers to stay and have a  play with what the My Offer feature, to really get a feel what the future of online, customer driven sales feels like.

To learn more about BJ’s PJs and the My Offer feature please visit: or

About My Offer®

My Offer® is an all-inclusive SAS solution that engages and helps customers negotiate a great deal, every time. Founded in 2019 by Dee Anevska, My Offer® was created to revolutionize the consumer experience amid the digital age to usher in a new era of empowered shoppers. Supported by Amazon Web Services to ensure security and scalability My Offer® does not store personally identifiable information and does not own any customer data. This one-of-a-kind B2B software empowers brands to transform curious shoppers into dedicated brand advocates through the power of individual human connection. My Offer seamlessly integrates with custom e-commerce stores, including Shopify to provide real-time cart visibility, online and offline chat service, and groundbreaking price-match functionality and the My Offer In-Store App currently in development.


About BJ’s PJs

BJ’s PJs is an Australian clothing company dedicated to inspiring both men and women to feel more confident and comfortable in their pyjamas and loungewear. Founded in 2016 by Belinda Jane Keehn, BJ’s PJs leverages the finest quality organic cotton to create classic and timeless designs that maximize comfort and provide optimal support from day to night. All pieces are made with pure Australian organic cotton, free of any harmful chemicals, dyes, or toxins.

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