We Love Cotton

We Love Cotton

Most of the cheap, disposable fashion out there is made with nasty synthetics and nylons that use poor quality, harmful dyes and toxins. These man-made fabrics don’t allow your body to breathe, which is why they make you extra sweaty in hot weather or in stressful meetings – no fun.

These items also tend to have a very short life and are tossed out after a single season as they look tired and worn out. I'm a fan of slow fashion, not fast fashion. We need to reduce landfill and help Mother Nature, not harm her more.

That’s why we designed a range of loungewear/pyjamas made from only the finest quality cotton fabrics available; for us, it’s a natural choice. 

Cotton is awesome:

It looks good but feels better

Cotton is soft, absorbent and breathable. If your clothes are itchy, stiff, clingy or irritating check out the label, they’re probably man-made and definitely not cotton. Cotton is awesome to lounge or sleep in as it’s soft, smooth and feels so much nicer on the skin. 

The cotton fabrics used for BJ's PJ's are made using no harmful chemicals, dyes or toxins, so they’re great for anyone with skin sensitivities and kind to you and the planet.

It helps you get a better night’s sleep

Being a natural fibre, cotton is very comfortable to wear because it allows your skin to breathe. It doesn’t trap heat next to your body. This means a better nights’ sleep compared to wearing polyester, nylon or other man-made fibres as they trap heat and make you sweaty (also not good for any ladies who might be menopausal).

It looks great for longer

If you care for cotton in the right way, it will love you right back. Cotton is very durable and will look and feel great for a lot longer than man-made fabrics. All you need to do is read and follow the care instructions. We have made easy care products for our busy, crazy lifestyles.

Being breathable, cotton doesn’t trap odours like synthetic oil-made fabrics, so you can wear cotton a few more times than you would a synthetic fabric saving you water, money and energy - and not be smelly!

The high-quality cotton used in our pyjamas means they’ll look and feel amazing for many seasons, which means less disposable fashion and unnecessary landfill.

It keeps it shape

The more spandex added to a garment means the less chance it will sag and stretch out.  Some products use very small amounts of spandex, so always check the labels before you buy. 

Our four-way stretch cotton fabrics have 7-8% spandex, so even after many comfortable nights and many washes, BJ's PJ's continue to provide breast support and keep their gorgeous shape for many seasons.

 It’s not clingy

One thing cotton is not and that’s clingy. Cotton doesn’t hold an electric charge, so it will never cling in all the wrong places! If you want cling-free clothes, go for cotton.  Our pyjamas are designed to flatter curves, not cling, and our cotton fabrics will make you feel comfortable.

No ugly pilling

Pills are those annoying balls of tangled fibres that pop up when fabric rubs against itself or another material. When clothing items made from nylon, polyester and blends pill, it is permanent and very annoying as the item looks old and sad, even if it’s only been worn or washed a couple of times.

Cotton, being a natural fibre, sheds any pills in the wash so it stays smooth and looks great.

We’re committed to providing beautiful quality sleepwear and loungewear, which is why we only use high grade, amazing, four-way stretch cotton.  BJ's PJ's want you to enjoy a great night’s sleep, so you’re ready for a big, bright new day. 

With love, BJ  xxx

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