Our Story

Our Story

Inspiring women, and men (having recently added a mens collection) to feel more confident in their pyjamas and loungewear, we offer the finest quality cotton, Australian made, classic designs, and have stripped back (yes, we’ve removed all those annoying buttons, bows, collars, etc.) to maximise comfort and provide you with support where you need it. 

Admit it, at times the girls need a little extra support, particularly in your PJ's and lounging around, in front of company (sons, nephews, roommates, partners, the postie, your neighbours poppin in etc.) or travelling, hospital stays, that special weekend away with your friends …… or just because you deserve to feel supported, comfortable and confident every day.

I’ve used the finest quality cotton with 4-way stretch to accommodate all shapes and sizes, allow freedom of movement, with a quality built-in bust support for discretion and to keep the girls firmly in place to reduce the bounce!

Our flattering designs highlight your best assets, have a relaxed fit where you need it, offering less cling and more sex appeal.

Practical pockets, waistbands without the bulk, no irritating tags, buttons, zips, collars and cuffs and all natural cotton for breathability. Cool in summer and warm in winter - no sweat!

Our fabrics, pure Australian organic cotton, have no harmful chemicals, dyes or toxins. They are soft, smooth and feel fantastic on your skin and can be worn by those with skin sensitivities (like me!).    

I have consciously produced a garment of the highest quality, not just for comfort, but also for longevity. I’m not a fan of fast fashion, unnecessary landfill and waste. Our products, if cared for properly, will last for many seasons and the classic styles won’t fade either. 

I am blessed to live on the beautiful NSW east coast and I want this beauty to remain for my nephews and the many generations to come. I believe we should all play a part in helping preserve Mother Earth, so my garments are sustainable and eco-ethically manufactured.

BJ’s PJ’s are made with love and care, for you to look and feel good. When you purchase our products you can rest assured you are buying a quality brand that has a sustainable conscience. I support all local business for all our extras like swing tags, printing, trims etc...

I’m all about empowering women and increasing confidence by helping ladies feel fabulous about themselves while looking good and still being comfortable - minus the bounce! Take that uncomfortable, harmful underwire off and get some BJ’s PJ’s on now! 

I’m Belinda Jane, and my friends call me BJ, please feel free to contact me for any further information. 

Love BJ xx


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